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We build a fiber optic network and bring internet connection to your properties by deploying 30 terra route nodes and approximately 8.500+ km of fiber optic cable.

We support your fiber to the home connection as well as backbone network for your broadband wireless connection.

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7th Anniversary of Telkom Akses

Jakarta, December 12, 2019. Telkom Akses celebrates 7th anniversary with theme “Telkom Akses for Broa ...
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Telkom Akses Got Silver Award in SNI Award 2019

Jakarta, November, 26th 2019. PT Telkom Akses got Silver Award for Category of Large Organization Service i ...
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CEO Accompanied Commissioner of Telkom Akses in Launching Indihome at Rote Ndao

Pulau Rote Ndao, 19 September 2019. Indihome strengthen its services on the outer island of Indonesia, namely District ...
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