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We build a fiber optic network and bring internet connection to your properties by deploying 30 terra route nodes and approximately 8.500+ km of fiber optic cable.

We support your fiber to the home connection as well as backbone network for your broadband wireless connection.

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Rapim 2 2018 was attended by all Telkom Akses BOD consisting of Semly Saalino (CEO), Beni Sukawanto (Dir. HCM), Ian Sigit Kurniawan (Dir Finance &a ...
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Greet and Farewell of Telkom Akses CEO

In the event of RAPIM II PT. Telkom Akses 2018 which was held at Hotel Alana Yogyakarta on May 15th, 2018 was also held greet and farewell the top ...
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In order to hold the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS / RUPST) 2018, PT. Telkom Akses held a Pre-AGMS on Friday, February 2nd Read More

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