CEO Briefing 2017

2017-11-14 14:03:15 | Admin | Corporate

Jakarta – Iskriono Windiardjanto, CEO of Telkom Akses leads the joint of Consistency Discipline Operations Briefing as known as “KDO” of Telkom Akses 1 October 2017, at Telkom Indonesia West Jakarta office.

This event takes “Internalize Corporate Culture Towards Successfull Performance Achievement” as the theme. In front of the participants, which mostly technicians. The CEO conveyed the importance of understanding and implementing corporate culture as a way to be success.

Beside technicians around Fiber Zone Jakarta Regional Office and Head Office, this event also attended by Mr. Beni Sukawanto (Director of Human Capital Management), Mr. Erikson Sianipar (Director of Construction) and Mr. Agus Kristiyono (Director of Supply & Commerce) as the Board Of Director and also the Senior Leaders of Telkom Akses.

On the side of delivering the message, Mr. Iskriono Windiardjanto provide a cash for technicians who successfully answered the question about Corporate Culture. There were five lucky technicians worth a prize of 3 Million rupiah in total. This event ended by taking photos together with all of participants.


As a reminder, Telkom Akses’s Corporate Culture are:

RIDE 100% Fiber which are: Responsive, Integrity, Discipline, Efficient, 100% Fiber.

Great 4X : People eXpertise - Operational eXellence - Customer eXperience - Digital eXperience.

Always The Best - 3S - Solid, Speed, Smart

6R Culture: Rajin, Ramah, Ringkas, Rapi, Resik, Rawat

Telkom Akses's vision is "Becoming World Class Access Network Service"

Meanwhile, Telkom Access's mission is "Providing Excellent and Efficient Access Network Deployment and Managed Service to Deliver Best Value for Stakeholders"

Spirit, "Total Achievement"