TKMPN - R&D Innovation (GKM Victoria)

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The Euphoria of PT. Telkom Akses cannot be contained anymore, because PT. Telkom Akses is awarded Platinum at the prestigious event of the Temu Karya Mutu & Produktivitas Nasional (TKMPN). This is the first time PT. Telkom Akses attends the prestigious event, but has won the Platinum award. TKMPN is an annual event organized by Wahana Kendali Mutu in collaboration with the Asosiasi Manajemen Mutu dan Produktivitas Indonesia (AMMPI). The TKMPN this time is the 21st event, held on 27 - 30 November 2017 in Padang. More than two thousand people, who are joined in 438 teams from 150 companies, attend this activity. The TKMPN is divided into 7 categories namely, QCC / GKM, QCI / SS, 5S / 5R, QCP / PKM, SGA, SIX SIGMA, QIC. This time Telkom Akses follows QCC / GKM category (Quality Control Circle).

Under the Research & Development division, GKM Victoria created ODP innovation and raised the title "Improving Fiber Optic Network Performance by Removing 41.5% Disturbance in West Jakarta Area". When he got word of victory, Gunadi Dwi Hantoro, VP Research and Development directly said "Wow, really awesome". That innovation was originally received an internal award at the event of Innovation Award PT. Telkom Akses. As for this innovation will be brought to the International level, to get more appreciation.



RIDE 100% Fiber ATB 3S


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TKMPN - R&D Innovation (GKM Victoria)

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