Synergy of Internal Audit Between Telkom and Telkom Akses Agreed

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Jakarta – PTTANews. The increasingly rapid infocom business makes business competition in the telecommunications world increasingly complex. Currently we are in the era of telecommunications that has transformed so quickly that make the lifestyle of society changed drastically in the last decade. It is characterized by an increasingly short market cycle, especially in product and technology development. Not only that, competition in the infocom business also affects the value of the market share. Nevertheless, there are major determinants in the transformation of the telecommunication industry, namely changes in the digital consumption patterns of all-digital and emphasize mobility. This was conveyed by M. Warif in his speech at the Telkom Group Internal Audit Forum (FIATG) today (25/05) which took place on the 7th floor of West Jakarta Witel Building which is the head office of PT. Telkom Akses.


To anticipate the current business change, Telkom has shown clear direction and purpose of the company by doing business transformation. This will certainly lead to various risks faced by the company. One of them is the emergence of fraud that will be an obstacle for planning, business development, and improvement of efficiency and productivity of the company.


Hari Suseno Hadibroto, SPV Internal Audit of Telkom Group stressed that Telkom Group is currently directing its concentration to PT.Telkom Akses. This is because the numbers of Telkom Akses employees are more than the other TELKOM GROUP reaching almost 17 thousand people in 2016. In addition Hari conveyed about Integrated IndiHome services ranging from interruption to assets owned by Telkom Akses.


Budi Santoso, Head of Internal Audit of Telkom Group and also the initiator of this event emphasized the importance of Telkom Group's synergy not only in business scope but also in consultation, investigation and assurance activities. In addition, it is expected that this activity can provide updated knowledge as well as a means of exchanging information for business interests as well as the development of the latest Internal Audit. For the internal of Telkom Group itself this event can also realize the synergy of the internal audit division in preparing anticipatory steps facing obstacles that may arise for the achievement of the company and generate mutual commitment among Top Management, Senior Leader and the whole range of Unit IA Telkom Group in implementing all provisions that have been established .


  1. Hatta, VP of Telkom Akses Internal Audit in his speech reveals that the role of internal audit as a partner of the company related to quality assurance, so that internal audit is expected to guide management in recognizing the risks that threaten the achievement of organizational goals. Quality assurance aims to ensure that the business processes that run have produced products that can meet the needs of consumers.


An auditor must be actively involved in the risk assessment contained in the company's business processes. This is called risk based audit. A risk based audit approach requires IA involvement in identifying and analyzing business risks facing the company. Therefore, a proactive attitude of IA is required in recognizing the risks faced by management in achieving its organizational goals.


Before concluding his remarks M. Hatta explained about audit tools including standards, procedures, and methodologies governing the implementation of the Internal Audit function used by Telkom Akses.


It can be concluded through this activity that IA is a management partner in minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities owned by the company. Expectations and messages that have been mentioned above are expected to be our reference to jointly make Telkom Akses as Telkom's largest subsidiary, and Telkom as the largest telecommunication company in Asia and even the World.


Subsequently, the event ended with the signing of the memorandum of agreement along with the formulation of audit synergy between Telkom Indonesia and Telkom Akses.


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