Eighty Students of SMK Telkom Malang Attended Psychology Test of Access School

2016-06-16 00:00:00 | Admin | Corporate

Malang – PTTANews. Eighty students consisting of 28 female students and 52 male students attended the psychological test which was divided into two classes each holding forty students. This Psychological test is the second part in the scholarship test of binding service given by PT. Telkom Akses to 4 SMK Telkom throughout Indonesia, one of them is SMK Telkom Sandhi Putra Malang.

Previously, there are as many as 103 students of SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang who pass the test interview conducted by the school on June 13th, 2016. After being filtered by the school then the 80 students who are pass attend the test today (15/6/2016).

The Psycho test begins at 8:00 WIB with three test materials to be given in sequence until 13.00 WIB. Such materials including Intelligence Test, Emotional Test, and Social and Work Attitude Test. The psycho test is implemented by ACI (Assesment Center Indonesia) PT. Telkom Indonesia. The series of tests run smoothly until finish at 13:00.

In the implementation of the test that took place at SMK Telkom Sandhi Putra Malang on Jalan Ranau Lake Sawojajar Malang, in addition being attended by the school the stake holder Linda Aryanti and Kawit Waluyo from PT. Telkom Akses, and Dadang Darsa from ACI Bandung also attended the occassion. Accompanying are Mulyadi Abdulah (principal) and Bambang Siswantoro (wakasek hubin) from SMK Telkom Malang as the host, also Abror as PIC of Access School program.

The next test relates to scholarship of PT. Telkom Akses association is accessible with title Access School is a health and mental test that will be held on next June 22nd at SMK Telkom Malang. The provision of scholarship of this service association is one of the efforts of PT. Telkom Akses to attract prospective new employees who are still in high school. The tiered test is expected to obtain candidates who have the achievements, and the ability to qualify, because in addition to their school lessons they will get special training about "access".

Aside from SMK Telkom Sandhi Putra Malang, there are three other SMK Telkom which are targeted in the scholarship of Access School association namely, SMK Telkom Jakarta, SMK Telkom Bandung and SMK Telkom Purwokerto. For SMK Telkom Jakarta, Bandung, and Malang Access School program is given to students of class XI, while for SMK Telkom Purwokerto given to students of class X and XI. At the same time besides SMK Telkom Malang the same test is also being held at SMK Telkom Sandhi Putra Daan Mogot Jakarta.


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