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PT. Telkom Akses (PTTA) is a subsidiary of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) is wholly owned by Telkom. PTTA engaged in the business of providing construction services and management of network infrastructure.

PTTA establishment is part of Telkom’s commitment to undertake the development of broadband networks to deliver information access and communication without limits for all Indonesian people. Telkom seeks to bring quality and affordable Internet connection to improve the quality of human resources so that they can compete at the world level. Telkom is currently building backbone network based on Fiber Optics as well as Internet Protocol (IP) to hold 30 terra router nodes and approximately 75,000 Km Optical Fiber Cable. Construction of fiber-optic cable is part of Indonesia Digital Network (IDN) 2015. As part of its strategy to optimize service, Telkom established PT. Telkom Akses.

The presence PTTA expected to drive the growth of broadband access networks in Indonesia. In addition to the broadband access network installation, other services provided by PT. Telkom is the Network Access Terminal Equipment (NTE), and Management Services Operations and Maintenance (O & M – Operation & Maintenance) Broadband Access network.


Company Name : PT. Telkom Akses
OHSAS : Valid until June 2017

*National Coverage

ISO : 5 April 2013
*ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
CIQS : 18 Feb 2013 *Valid until 17 Feb 2016
CERTIFICATION : CCNA, CCNP, PMP, Fiber Optic, Designer, Surveyor, PM
Strategic/Service Partner : Fujikura, JF Konsorsium, Huawei, ZTE, FIBERHOME, CISCO, Alcatel Lucent, SKT, Samsung, Konet, Knet
Date Established : 12 Desember 2012
Certificate of Incorporation : Notaris Siti Safarijah, No. 20, Nov 26 2012
Company Address : Telkom Building West Jakarta

S. Parman Kav. 8 West Jakarta 11440

Phone. / Fax : +62-21-2933-7000 / +62-21-2933-6000

Ratification of the Company : MENKUMHAM Decision

no AHU-60691.AH.01.01. 2012,

November 28 2012

SIUP : No.  09599-04/PM/1.824.271, Desember 4 2012
NPWP : No. 03.275.315.4-014.000
Business Legal for Construction Services(SIUJK) : No. 1-906174-3171-2-04658, Jan 22 2013
Networking Certefication : CIQS 2000:2009, No TCIQS130003, Februari 18 2013, Contractor Implementor (JARLOKAT, JARLOKAF, JARLOKAR)
Kontak kami : PT. TELKOM AKSES

email    :

Telp      : 021-2933-7000,